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SNAP Benefits

As of May 2017, the Brookings Farmers Market can now take SNAP benefits. Use your EBT card for delicious, fresh, local groceries. The same redemption rules apply for the Farmers Market as they do elsewhere. To learn more about what products SNAP benefits can be spent on, click here

Redemption Process

1. Before you begin shopping, go to the market booth with the EBT machine. This booth is usually on the southeast side of the market. 

2. Tell the person at the table how much you would like to spend. It is better to start with a lower amount and request more later. 

3. They will swipe your card for the requested amount and have you enter your pin number into the processing machine.

4. When approved, they will give you 1 Brookings Farmers Market token for every $1 SNAP benefit dollar. 

5. Now it is time to shop! Simply use the tokens as your form of payment. It doesn’t cost anything for vendors to accept these tokens as dollars, so majority of the farmers do accept the tokens, pending the items they sell are approved purchases through the SNAP guidelines. 


Please note, if you do not spend all your tokens, they can be saved for next week. You cannot receive cash back for any unclaimed tokens, so it is better to start with a few and request more later. Vendors cannot give change back for the tokens. 


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